Once again, Welcome! My name is David Hyun and I am a senior at Houghton College majoring in Chemistry and Adolescence Education. I was born in South Korea but lived half of my life in Korea and the other half in China before I came to Houghton for college studies. I attended Korean public schools, Chinese public schools and I graduated from an international high school in China. It is my hope that my experience in different school settings could be helpful in our journey to become great teachers. My current goal is to return to China after graduating from Houghton to teach in an international school. I am also planning on pursuing the Master’s degree in chemistry education after 2-3 years of teaching. I will most likely be teaching in a suburban, and a city setting, but I also look forward to teaching in diverse settings as I gain more experience. I will try to post helpful information on teaching chemistry and how we can help students to be literate in chemistry on this blog. To begin, I found a website called FunBased Learning that has many different games teachers can use in a classroom. If you click on the hyperlink it would direct you to the first game, the element quiz.